The Importance to Using Accurate Business, Residential and Consumer Mailing Lists

The mailing list is one of the most important factors in creating a successful direct marketing campaign. The mailing list is what ensures your message is getting into the hands of the right audience. An accurate list also ensures you are not wasting postage on undeliverable addresses and/or people that would not be interested in your product or service. The industry standard percentage for undeliverable mail coming back should be no more than 7%.There are several types of accurate mailing lists available. There are business, consumer, residential and specialty mailing lists. Any of these databases should include all needed postal paperwork that is required by the post office. All accurate lists should be passed through several postal software programs, including the national change of address and be CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) to ensure the deliverability of these databases. This allows for the most up to date, complete and accurate marketing databases available in the market today.The next step is to ensure you are targeting the correct audience with your accurate marketing lists. It is always important to have your list provider to send a report showing exactly what demographics are being pulled. It is always a good idea to keep this report for your records. It is always good practice to receive reports from more than one list provider as a comparison. If the numbers are not fairly close, it should be assumed that one of them is running your reports incorrectly. Always check to make sure your list report was pulled correctly. Be sure the demographics and geography are selected correctly.In conclusion, always review your list provider’s reports each and every time you purchase your list. Be sure to also ask when the database was last updated. It should be within the last 30 days. Whether it is a specialty list, business or consumer mailing list, they should all be updated. Reputable list brokers will use strict deliverability codes to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The 7% undeliverable rate is industry acceptable standard rate. A high quality mailing provider will guarantee 96% delivered or better. In direct mail marketing, remember superior data brings superior results.