How to Increase Direct Mailing List Response Rates With Telemarketing Phone Lists

Telemarketing is one of the most common forms of direct marketing in which marketers contact consumers by phone. Whether you are direct mailing to consumers at home or key executives at their office, telemarketing follow up calls will dramatically increase your return on investment. There are many advantages to allocating marketing dollars and time into telemarketing follow-up after any direct mailing list campaign. The majority of mailing lists have telemarketing telephone numbers available.The consumer direct mailing list database has phone numbers where available. Due to the National Do Not Call passed in 2003, residential phone numbers available have dropped off significantly. It is important to register with the national do not call registry as a telemarketer. Approximately 10% of all residential addresses have a telephone number available for telemarketing. As an example, if you are mailing to 10,000 households, it is realistic to expect roughly 1,000 phone numbers. Calling those 1,000 phone numbers will still have a large impact on improving the results of your overall direct marketing campaign. It is also important to note that political organizations, charities and non profits, and survey companies are exempt from the do not call and are permitted to call all phone numbers available, even numbers registered with the federal do not call.The business direct mailing list database also has phone number available for telemarketing. The advantage to the business file is that every business record on file has a phone number and are all permitted to be called. Business phone numbers are exempt from the National Do Not Call registry. That gives the advantage of being able to call and follow up on every prospect that has received your mail piece for follow-up. Combining the business phone numbers with a top contact name within the organization, can make your campaign the ultimate success.Telemarketing can also increase sales from your current customer file. Even if your current customer file does not have telephone numbers, a reputable mailing list broker provider can append phone numbers to your in house database file. You can append phone numbers to a residential or business customer. Also, if a residential customer has purchased from you within the past 12 months, they are also exempt from the national do not call.Telemarketing puts slight pressure on a potential customer to react and/or respond to your offer or product. Direct mail is a softer sell, where as, telemarketing is slightly more in your face. Telemarketing also offers as a great follow up to push a prospect to make a move. They may have been interested in your mail piece, set it aside for a later date and now has completely forgotten about it. A quick telemarketing call will not only remind them but may encourage them to act faster to your offer.Overall, the combination of direct mail and telemarketing will bring greater results and increase your rate of return. There are many ways to incorporate telemarketing into your next campaign. Telemarketing call centers are a fast way to have the calls made and generate response leads. Voice broadcasting is also available, although slightly less personal. It also helps to have your sales staff make these calls. Any choice that is selected will bring a beneficial increase in your marketing efforts.

The Importance to Using Accurate Business, Residential and Consumer Mailing Lists

The mailing list is one of the most important factors in creating a successful direct marketing campaign. The mailing list is what ensures your message is getting into the hands of the right audience. An accurate list also ensures you are not wasting postage on undeliverable addresses and/or people that would not be interested in your product or service. The industry standard percentage for undeliverable mail coming back should be no more than 7%.There are several types of accurate mailing lists available. There are business, consumer, residential and specialty mailing lists. Any of these databases should include all needed postal paperwork that is required by the post office. All accurate lists should be passed through several postal software programs, including the national change of address and be CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) to ensure the deliverability of these databases. This allows for the most up to date, complete and accurate marketing databases available in the market today.The next step is to ensure you are targeting the correct audience with your accurate marketing lists. It is always important to have your list provider to send a report showing exactly what demographics are being pulled. It is always a good idea to keep this report for your records. It is always good practice to receive reports from more than one list provider as a comparison. If the numbers are not fairly close, it should be assumed that one of them is running your reports incorrectly. Always check to make sure your list report was pulled correctly. Be sure the demographics and geography are selected correctly.In conclusion, always review your list provider’s reports each and every time you purchase your list. Be sure to also ask when the database was last updated. It should be within the last 30 days. Whether it is a specialty list, business or consumer mailing list, they should all be updated. Reputable list brokers will use strict deliverability codes to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The 7% undeliverable rate is industry acceptable standard rate. A high quality mailing provider will guarantee 96% delivered or better. In direct mail marketing, remember superior data brings superior results.